About solar-e

A Business Approach to Create a Solar Economy

solar-e.com is a global business entity that is owned by Wise Earth Pty Ltd. The website promotes the use of solar energy and energy efficient architecture through six key areas: Communication, Information, Education, Innovation, Design, and Action.

As all forms of renewable energy (Biomass, Biofuel, Geothermal, Hydroelectricity, Solar, Tidal, Wave, Wind) originate directly or indirectly from the sun, our emphasis is to contribute to the further growth of renewable energy’s relationship with the built environment to ensure global sustainability.

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What Are We Here For?


We aim to strengthen the communication of ideas to create interest and curiosity. We also cultivate new ways of collectiveness and cooperation by sharing our information and networking expertise. solar-e.com has created the following communication avenues to stimulate conversation: global online communityforumask an expert, and the ability to comment in our various blogs.


We provide information and encourage the dissemination of knowledge. We view knowledge as a powerful tool with regard to the awareness and positive change needed for global sustainability. solar-e.com supplies information in our knowledge base. We also provide links to the latest news for your region of the world: Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America.


We believe in the importance of education and continuing education. solar-e.com has directory listings of educational websites for children and university programs from around the world. We have also established our own educational resources with our schools outreach program and our online education courses/workshops.


We encourage the search for and the promotion of viable innovative solutions. solar-e.com facilitates innovators and inventors with viable ideas to network with researchers, financiers, and project managers to ensure that good ideas get a chance in the market place. Innovation is a major component of solar-e.com’s mission.


We stress the importance of energy efficiency through proper home and building design. solar-e.com discusses such areas as climate sensible home design and passive solar design of buildings as well as the components necessary (solar panels, solar water heaters, shade devices, etc.) to make your home or workplace truly “green”. We also offer design publications and videos in our shop.


We stimulate action. solar-e.com gives you the opportunity to be involved with us in numerous ways. We also offer numerous products in our shop to assist you in taking the necessary steps toward a greener lifestyle.

Who Are We Here For?

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How Will We Accomplish Our Efforts?

We will accomplish our efforts with the assistance of our international network as well as the contributions and participation of our visitors. We will also establish mutually beneficial joint ventures and/or commercial opportunities with the following: universities, solar energy societies, sustainable energy industry associations, research centersnon-profit organizations, government programs, informational websites, businesses/networks specializing in sustainability, experts in a specific field, and eminent individuals.

solar-e.com is a trademark owned by Wise Earth P/L. It has been registered and approved in a number of countries as it falls in line with the global focus of the website.