Wise Earth Pty Ltd is a world class corporation committed to establishing and developing wise businesses that meet the current and future needs of people and the earth.

Wise Earth Pty Ltd provides a range of innovative and environmentally sustainable businesses each committed to transforming the way people live, work and think.

These businesses are in traditional and new industries in which they replace out-dated methods, products and processes with new ones that are more consistent with societal expectations and comply with sustainable and environmental principles.

Wise Earth also provides professional advice and assistance to inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, engineers and business professionals committed to researching and developing sustainable business practices in their given environments.

The main functions of Wise Earth are to:

  • Conceptualise, establish and develop new businesses (traditional and online) that address global eco and sustainability needs and trends
  • Provide advice, information and support to inventors, scientists, engineers, business professionals, academics and educators
  • Assist entrepreneurs to assess the viability and return on investment on new eco business ideas
  • Landscape Gardening and Permaculture
  • Enter into joint ventures with sustainably-oriented entrepreneurs who require a business partner
  • Link and network like-mined professionals, and to
  • Lobby governments for necessary legislative changes